Jazz Etude 3-Implied Resolution To Whole Tone Scale On Major Chord

This is another exercise over a 4 bar ii-V7-I progression often found in standard songs. Take a look at the example below:

I start out with a sort of cliche outlining of the D-7 to G7, going up to Bb (which acts as the +9) then moving downwards in whole steps to form the whole tone scale. The tension notes of +9, -9 (Bb and Ab) seem to continue over the tonic chord (C Major 7). Even though the scale technically does resolve to the C major chord (first resolving to F#, the #11 of C Major), there is an implied extended tension because of the symmetry of the whole tone scale.

It’s a way to change color over ii-V-I progressions as well as a way to extend the tension. This time I used one pattern, which I transposed into all 12 keys. Each 4 bar pattern modulates in descending whole steps. This exercise is an excerpt from my book, Melodic Minor Scale Jazz Studies: Organizations and Applications Over Dominant 7th Chords. Click the links below to download a free pdf copy of this etude and to hear a midi sample of it:

Implied Resolution of Whole Tone Scale Over Major-pdf

Implied Resolution of Whole Tone Scale Over Major-midi