New Book: Augmented Scale Diatonic Triad Pairs

I’m very pleased to announce that my latest jazz etude book, Augmented Scale Diatonic Triad Pairs, is available for purchase and download. The six-tone augmented scale (which is formed by combining two augmented chords a minor third apart) has a strong, energetic and angular quality. It has been slowly working its way into the modern […]

A Technique To Help You Improve Your Odds

Without a doubt, the greatest tool I possess as a musician is the Alexander Technique. By applying the Alexander principles, I’ve been able to not only solve a very serious problem that threatened my musical career, but also, continue to find growth, improvement and insights into the challenges that I, and many other musicians encounter. After years […]

Growing Your Ears: Processing And Feeding

I once heard the following exchange between two jazz musicians talking about one of their colleagues: “He has great ears. He can play anything he hears”, asserts the first musician. “Yes, that’s true. Unfortunately, he just doesn’t hear that much”, responds the second. Ultimately, all artistic expression through music involves playing by ear. This is […]