Practicing Music: Understanding The Difference Between Routine And Process

There is a topic that seems to be finding its way into the books and blogs of several well-respected musicians and music teachers these days. It is about the importance of paying attention to the quality of process as you practice your instrument. I’m pleased with this trend, and am in complete agreement with it. […]

Improvising: What To Play When You Can’t Think Of Anything To Play

Nothing. That’s the short answer to the question posed in the title of this post. Seriously. If you’re improvising a solo, and can’t think of what to play next, play nothing. You’ll notice I said, when you “can’t think of what to play next…” Can’t think. So what to do instead? You wait. If you […]

Six Quotes About Learning (And Unlearning) That Inform My Teaching And Practice

Everything that I write on this blog, whether it’s about practicing more efficiently, improvising with greater skill and expression, or about how to avoid injury and strain, is based largely upon the ideas of a person who didn’t even play music. Yet his ideas continue to serve me well, both in helping me to help […]