Advice For Improving The Speed And Accuracy Of Your Fingers

In my experience teaching the Alexander Technique to pianists, string and woodwinds players, I often encounter a similar kind of counterproductive thinking concerning the hands and fingers. Specifically, too much attention is placed upon what the hands and fingers are doing. Not only does this divide the musician’s attention, often cutting off the awareness of […]

Clarify A Few Misconceptions About Your Body To Make Better Music

In my experience as an Alexander Technique teacher, I find that a significant contributing factor to many musician’s problems is a misunderstanding of how their bodies work with respect to playing their instrument. I’ll see, for example, flutists who strain as they try to bend fingers where there are no joints. I’ll see pianists trying […]

Keep This Aim In Mind When Practicing Slowly

One of the things that many great musicians and music teachers seem to agree upon is the value of practicing slowly. Whether working on technique or improvisation, it is now almost cliche (yet true!) to say, “If you want to speed it up, you first have to slow it down.” Slow practice really can prove […]

Improve The Quality Of Your Playing By Asking Yourself This Question

Musicians come to see me for Alexander Technique lessons for at least one the following two reasons: They are experiencing pain and excess tension and strain as they play. They simply aren’t improving in their playing , no matter how much they practice. (Many musicians come to me because of both of these issues.) As […]

Maintaining The Conditions In Yourself To Play Your Best

Do you ever wonder why things that you practice sometimes get worse, rather than better, as you practice them? The answer is simple: You gradually worsen the conditions in yourself to play your best. Simply stated, when you’re playing your best it is largely because you’ve been able to maintain the best conditions in yourself […]