Strength, Coordination And Endurance: Avoiding Confusion

Each faculty acquires fitness for its function by performing its function -Herbert Spencer A good number of musicians who seek my help as an Alexander Technique teacher do so because of a problem with endurance. In the simplest sense, they can’t seem to play for prolonged periods without fatigue and/or pain. In many of these […]

You, Your Instrument, Space And Movement

There is a fundamental error that I see many musicians make when positioning their instruments in preparation to play. It usually begins seconds before the first note is produced. It might seem like a small thing, but it can have big consequences. What is it? It’s in how musicians bring their instruments to themselves to […]

Playing Saxophone: The Alexander Technique (And More)

Being that I’m both a professional saxophonist and a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique, my fellow saxophonists often ask me about how the Technique applies to playing their instrument. This is actually a topic for a book that I’ve yet to write (though I have been sketching some ideas out and documenting and organizing […]

The Nagging Truth About Chronic Pain And Injuries

Recently I was reading a thread on a Facebook page (for saxophonists) about chronic pain. The thread started out asking about the value of chiropractic work for musicians, then quickly morphed into a discussion of the merits and/or shortcomings of various modalities to address pain and injury. Lots of experiences, opinions and ideas were offered […]

Refresh Your Thinking To Greatly Improve The Efficiency Of Your Practice

The quality of your practice is directly proportionate to the quality of your thinking. Contrary to what many musicians believe, you’re not “training muscles” as you practice, so much as you are directing your thinking so that your brain can readily coordinate the muscular activity necessary to play well. Mindless, repetitive practice usually yields limited, […]