Augmented Scale Diatonic Triad Pairs

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“Bill Plake’s Augmented Scale Diatonic Triad Pairs has been a real eye opener for me. I’ve studied and practiced the augmented scale before, but always had a hard time actually applying it in a musical way in my solos. This book offers so many immediately practical ways to use the scale to make interesting and beautiful sounding melodic statements. Plus, it really has opened up my mind and my ears to many more kinds of harmonic substitutions and relationships. It’s such a simple concept, but it offers tons of possibilities. I’m loving practicing from it!”

– Paul Dannert,  guitarist, Los Angeles, CA

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For all treble clef instruments. Downloadable in pdf format, 61 pages. Price: $10.00

The augmented scale is a six-note scale that is formed by combining two augmented triads a minor third apart. Because of its symmetrical structure (a series of consecutive minor thirds and minor seconds), it has a strong, stark quality, and can be used very effectively to create melodic and harmonic tension. It is a decidedly “modern” sounding scale in jazz improvisation and it is particularly useful as a subsitution over Dominant 7th chords.

I begin this book by introducing each of the four augmented scales in their natural form, with basic exercises to help you get the sound of the scale into your ears and under your fingers. I then reorganize these scales into diatonic triad pairs (major/minor and minor/major), and offer exercises showing you various ways they can be used to create tension and resolution over the V7-I progression. With this book you’ll:

  • Gain great fluency and control over the augmented scale
  • Learn how to think, hear and resolve the augmented scale form dominant 7th tonic in a variety of ways
  • Broaden your understanding of how triad pairs are used in improvisation (and gain immediate access to lots of triad pairs)
  • Gain more insight into upper partial harmonic relationships and substitutions
  • Expand your aural imagination and challenge your ears
  • Get a wealth of new ideas for playing over standard songs and other chord progressions
  • Increase your technical ability and improvisational fluency

This book can be helpful to you, whether you already have some experience improvising with the augmented scale, or if you’ve never encountered it before. If you’ve enjoyed playing and studying from my book, Diminshed Scale Diatonic Triad Pairs, then you’ll most certainly enjoy this! For all treble clef instruments. Downloadable in pdf format, 61 pages. Price: $10.00

Click the links below for a pdf SAMPLE PAGE from the book, and for a midi sound file of the page for you to listen to:

Augmented Scale Diatonic Triad Pairs sample-pdf

Augmented Scale Diatonic Triad Pairs sample-midi

If you’d like to gain more of an idea about the concept, format, benefits and practice guidelines found in the book, click the link below for a pdf copy of the INTRODUCTION CHAPTER:

Augmented Scale Diatonic Triad Pairs Introduction Chapter-pdf

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If you have any questions about the material in this book, or are having problems downloading the pdf, please contact me. I’ll get back to you promptly. Thanks!