Jazz Etude 7- Hearing Scales As Harmonic Extensions Part 2

This is a variation of Etude 6. In this case I’m extending the upper octave harmony of the C7 chord (for example) by using the Eb melodic minor scale (melodic minor scale formed from the lowered 3rd of the dominant chord). The 2 new altered harmonic extensions found in this scale are Eb (functions as +9 over C7) and F+ (functions as +11 over C7). As you’ll see, more new triad possibilities are formed in the second octave. Again, it’s very important that you can sing this pattern, so as to be able to internalize the altered harmonic tension color tones. This is the conceptual foundation of my book, Melodic Minor Scale Jazz Studies: Tonal Organizations and Applications Over Dominant 7th Chords, in which it is explored in great detail.

hearing jazz melodic minor from b3rd degree of V7 chord pdf.