Jazz Etude 13-Augmented Scales Part 3

Etude 13-Augmented Scales (Part 3: Resolution From Dominant To Tonic Chords, V-I)

The third and final etude of this series. I demonstrate a few ways to apply the augmented scale from dominant (V) to tonic (I) chords. Each scale is used over three different V-I resolutions that are a major third apart. For example, the first scale (constructed from C augmented and Db augmented) is used over V-I resolutions in three keys (C, E and Ab major). Keep in mind that this scale is almost atonal sounding (or can be, depending on the melodic organization of the scalar material), and thus can take a while for you to really hear, absorb, and ultimately feel connected enough to it to make music. But it does create very interesting tension, sounding rather “modern”, as opposed to traditionally bop and post bop type tonalities. If you’d like to explore the augmented scale more thoroughly, and learn how it works over dominant 7th chords, consider my book, Augmented Scale Diatonic Triad Pairs.

This scale and its applications are also introduced and briefly explored in my book, Melodic Minor Scale Jazz Studies: Tonal Organizations and Applications Over Dominant 7 Chords.

Augmented Scales Part 3.pdf