Jazz Etude 11-Augmented Scales Part 1

Etude 11-Augmented Scales (Part 1: Introduction to scales, and diatonic triads derived from scales)

In this etude I combine augmented triads in half-step pairs (for example, C Aug coupled with Db Aug). By combining both triads, a very interesting scale is formed that works very well over Dominant chords as well as for melodic material in open-ended (non-chordal) improvisation: C, Db (C#), E, F, Ab (G#), A. This scale is often referred to as the augmented scale. Within this scale are many harmonic possibilities. There are 4 possible combinations of augmented triads in this relationship. I start each combination with the augmented triad pairs, then the scale, then two different major/minor triad pairs extracted from the scale.

You’ll notice that I change some of the notes enharmonically (e.g., G# becomes Ab) for the sake of consistency with the major and minor triads.  If you’d like to explore the augmented scale more thoroughly, and learn how it works over dominant 7th chords, consider my book, Augmented Scale Diatonic Triad Pairs.

This scale and its applications are also introduced and briefly explored in my book, Melodic Minor Scale Jazz Studies: Tonal Organizations and Applications Over Dominant 7 Chords.

Augmented Scales Part 1 .pdf