New Year, New Possibilities

Happy New Year! 2014 has been a highly productive and enlightening year for me. I have gained several hundred new subscribers, and my blog has now been translated into over forty languages! This is something I’m particularly pleased about. I love to help other musicians through sharing what I know, what I’ve learned and discovered. […]

New Book: Augmented Scale Diatonic Triad Pairs

I’m very pleased to announce that my latest jazz etude book, Augmented Scale Diatonic Triad Pairs, is available for purchase and download. The six-tone augmented scale (which is formed by combining two augmented chords a minor third apart) has a strong, energetic and angular quality. It has been slowly working its way into the modern […]

A Simple Idea That Fundamentally Improved How I Approach Ear Training

From the beginning of my experience as a musician, I have kept in mind the importance of cultivating a good ear. But for the longest period of time, my conception of what this meant was actually interfering with my progress. In short, I used to define “having a good ear” in a rather rigid, intimidating […]