Think More And Play Less To Optimize Your Practice Time

I’ve been reflecting lately on how the structure and quality of my saxophone practice has evolved over the years since discovering the Alexander Technique. I think every serious musician can look back and notice the change in process and approach to their practice routine. Much of this evolution takes place because of edification (refining or […]

Want To Improve Your Jazz Playing? Take A Style Vacation

The language of music. The language of improvisation. The language of Jazz. The language of Bach. The language of Lester Young….What does it mean exactly when we refer to something in music as a language? It certainly means different things to different people. To some it implies something immediately distinguishable, yet flexible and changing. To […]

Practicing Music: Paying Attention To How Instead Of What

“The experience you want is in the process of getting it. If you have something, give it up. Getting it, not having it, is what you want.” F.M. Alexander On of the great temptations when I practice my saxophone is to try to “memorize” how it feels in my body when I’m playing well. Fortunately […]

The Importance Of Not Knowing

“In the mind of the expert, the possibilities are few. In the mind of the beginner, the possibilities are infinite.” -Ryo Suzuki It is natural for us to want to know. It’s what fuels our growth, our curiosity and our inspiration. Without knowing certain things, life itself would become quite difficult, if not impossible. But […]

Listening Beyond Your Instrument To Open Up Your Musical Imagination

“Some of my favorite saxophonists don’t play saxophone.” I remember saying that once, some years back, when I was being interviewed on a radio show. The host asked me a simple question, “Who are some of your favorite saxophonists?” This is a logical question to ask a saxophonist (me). But truth be told, at that […]