A Potentially Bad (Yet Highly Popular) Bit Of Advice About Your Fingers

“It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.” -Mark Twain The words above are especially true when it comes to musical pedagogy. There are lots of myths out there (often in the form of simple advice) that are based on a misunderstanding […]

The Technique That Has Helped Me The Most

I’ve been playing, composing and teaching music for nearly 40 years. In that time I’ve come across many different approaches to improving what I do. Nothing has come close to helping me as effectively and as completely as the Alexander Technique. I came to study the Technique after struggling with some serious coordination problems that […]

A Wonderful New Tool To Help You Understand Breathing

One of the things I frequently encounter as I teach the Alexander Technique to wind instrumentalists and singers is how widely misunderstood breathing is. It’s not uncommon for me to give a lesson to someone who sings or plays professionally who is still unclear as to what actually happens in the breathing process. I’m talking […]

The Nagging Truth About Chronic Pain And Injuries

Recently I was reading a thread on a Facebook page (for saxophonists) about chronic pain. The thread started out asking about the value of chiropractic work for musicians, then quickly morphed into a discussion of the merits and/or shortcomings of various modalities to address pain and injury. Lots of experiences, opinions and ideas were offered […]

Want To Increase The Duration And Intensity Of Your Practice? Think Like An Athlete

So you’re inspired to take your practice to a new level of commitment. You’re ready to spend the time and the energy. Ready to become more focused and disciplined. That’s great! Riding that wave of enthusiasm is going to take you into a deeper realm of self-expression (and satisfaction). I’d like to offer an idea […]