Staying In Touch With Your Reasoning

This morning I gave an Alexander Technique lesson to one of my most dedicated students, a professional guitarist who’s been taking weekly lessons from me for over a year and a half. During his lesson I was reminded of one of the ultimate benefits of long term study of the Technique: You cultivate the skill […]

The Number One Reason Why You Should Transcribe

In the study of jazz (as well as many other improvisational music disciplines) transcription of improvised solos is  standard practice. Jazz is often described as being a “language”, and one of the best ways to learn this language is through listening and transcribing. There are various skills  you develop from transcribing solos. Many teachers of […]

Playing Saxophone: The Alexander Technique (And More)

Being that I’m both a professional saxophonist and a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique, my fellow saxophonists often ask me about how the Technique applies to playing their instrument. This is actually a topic for a book that I’ve yet to write (though I have been sketching some ideas out and documenting and organizing […]