The Importance Of Finding Satisfaction

One of the potential pitfalls of approaching an art form (such as music) in a deeply dedicated way, is losing perspective between the desire for improvement and a sense of satisfaction. Often, in the pursuit of perfection, it’s easy to not even notice the beauty that we create each moment as we play. That’s a […]

This Simple Shift In Attitude Can Yield Great Rewards

I gave a lesson the other day to an excellent saxophonist who has been studying with me via Skype for many months now. He was very pleased with the recent breakthroughs that he’d made in his playing, and expressed this profound change simply, but quite accurately: “Before, I was anticipating; now, I’m responding.” I was […]

Clarify A Few Misconceptions About Your Body To Make Better Music

In my experience as an Alexander Technique teacher, I find that a significant contributing factor to many musician’s problems is a misunderstanding of how their bodies work with respect to playing their instrument. I’ll see, for example, flutists who strain as they try to bend fingers where there are no joints. I’ll see pianists trying […]