Want Less Tension As You Play? Think About Your Space

When you’re playing music (or engaging in any activity, for that matter), all your habits of unnecessary tension have one thing in common: they tend to diminish your stature rather than expand it. Essentially, you become smaller. You compress yourself. You lessen the space within. It is sometimes difficult to discern unnecessary tension because you […]

Want To Really Hear Your Sound? Include Your Other Senses

It’s an oversimplification to say that we hear with our ears. Sure, the ears are a big part of it. They receive the incoming vibrations from the world and send them to the brain for processing. But it’s really the brain that hears. It’s the brain that interprets those vibrations as sound. Timbre, pitch, dynamics, […]

Advice For Improvisers: Stop Approximating

One of the ways I seem to be able to help myself as a musician  (as well as my students!) is to take time to clarify  the details involved in playing music. Sometimes a problem remains unsolved simply because the musician hasn’t addressed one small element sufficiently. Though of course this is an issue that […]

Want To Improve Your Technical Facility? Pay Attention To Your Sound

I’m having a week teaching where many of my Alexander Technique students are (purely coincidentally) discovering the same truth about their technical facility. It’s a a truth that is rather surprising to them. Let me illustrate with a short story: One of my students, a fine cellist, was in his lesson with me noticing the […]