Maintaining The Conditions In Yourself To Play Your Best

Do you ever wonder why things that you practice sometimes get worse, rather than better, as you practice them? The answer is simple: You gradually worsen the conditions in yourself to play your best. Simply stated, when you’re playing your best it is largely because you’ve been able to maintain the best conditions in yourself […]

A Few Tips For Improving Your Sight Reading Skills

Being able to read music well at sight is a skill that just about any musician in any genre should aspire to. The really good sight readers I’ve played with not only play the music reasonably accurately at first sight, but also, they tend to be able to really make music out of it, really […]

An Important Thing To Keep In Mind When Changing Your Habits

Musicians come to me for Alexander Technique lessons for a variety of reasons, but typically it’s because they’re experiencing a lot of tension (and often pain, too) as they play their instruments. Since they know I’ve been successful in applying the Technique to solve my own problems as a musician, they invariably ask this question: […]

The Possibility Of Change Lies In Every Moment

Happy New Year! Since this is my first post of the year, I’d like to talk about something specific to the topic of the coming of the new year: making resolutions. It has become quite a tradition to sit down and think about what we could be doing better in the coming year, whether it’s […]