What Ultimately Determines The Consistency Of Your Musical Performances?

One of the most frustrating, dissatisfying feelings you can have as a musician is when your performance falls far short from your potential. After you’ve prepared adequately, played well in the practice room, and in rehearsal, you come to your performance with positive expectations.

When Good Posture Becomes A Bad Idea

This morning I was looking at some videos I’d found on YouTube after searching “good posture.” What I found was a mix of ideas and demonstrations, some helpful, many not so helpful. One of the things that many of the “not so helpful” videos had in common was in presenting posture as static. Something to […]

Imagination Plus Clear Direction Equals Good Intonation

I had a wonderful moment of revelation this morning as I practiced my saxophone. It was one of those experiences that helps me to better see how interconnected thought is to result when it comes to playing music (or doing anything else, for that matter). I was working on my intonation by playing long tones […]

The Art Of Making Mistakes

“Your biggest mistake wasn’t in playing the wrong note. Your biggest mistake was in what you did after you played the wrong note.” I heard this during a saxophone lesson I took nearly thirty years ago from the great teacher and woodwinds artist, Bill Green. I vividly remember what he told me word for word because […]